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Barbecue Party

Get-Together: How to Host a Barbecue Party

Barbecue parties are as timeless as grilling. The moment we gathered around an open fire and decided to cook fresh meat over it is the spark that brought to light this social, and not to mention insatiably mouthwatering, activity. If you haven’t tried going to or hosting a barbecue party before, we hate to break

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Nine Ways to Change Your Home’s Exterior

When it comes to your home, first impressions last. Even if you are not planning to sell your house, your facade says so much about you. A messy lawn could make your guests think that you’re not tidy on the inside, too. Investing in your outdoor space can bring a positive change to your home.

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home renovation

Spice up Your Space: A Guide on Home Renovation Ideas

As you spend more time at home working and sharing your space with your family, you may be thinking of ways to have more breathing room around your property. Although moving to a larger home may not be the smartest thing to do right now, there are plenty of things you can do to spice

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Modern kitchen

Are You What Your House Is?

You may or may not agree with this. But how your house looks, the decor, color, furniture, and the amount of cleanliness or messiness have a lot to say about your personality. It sounds funny, ridiculous even. It may not have a scientific basis. But what I am about to tell you could help you

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bachelor's pad

A Bachelor’s Practical Guide to a Perfect Pad

How does a bachelor’s pad look like? Most people would stereotype the bachelor’s pad as messy or empty, with only a game console and television as its centerpiece. Describing bachelor pads as such would be an injustice to those who take the time to make their homes look presentable to their guests. While most people

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man working out

Ways for Men to Stay Active Even While at Home

Research shows that men are mostly more physically active compared with their female counterparts. They are also more likely to get into sports more than women. They are also more adventurous. But in these trying times when people are mostly advised to stay home, many men have not been able to get involved in their favorite

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indoor plants

Add Character to Your Home by Upcycling These Thrifty Finds

In a time when the mass production of generic commodities is the trend, the challenge lies in how individuals can differentiate themselves from others to show their personality. This can include making one-of-a-kind clothes, accessories, or even furniture for their home. You don’t need a degree in interior design to see what kinds of furniture

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Wellness-centered Living: Designing Your Home for Wellness

Our homes serve as peaceful dwellings and a refuge for our tired minds and bodies. The expanding field of neuroaesthetic research led to the growing understanding of our biological processes with aesthetic experiences. This global movement led to the growth of design and architectural trends focused on wellness-centered living. As a result, this pushed the design

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family bonding concept

Family Bonding Ideas with a Twist

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted us to shift many aspects of our lifestyles due to the quarantine restrictions. Apart from moving our work and study setup to the comforts of our homes, the pandemic has also changed the way we spend time with loved ones in our free time. Despite staying home most of the

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mansion with beautiful front yard

Be The Envy Of The Neighborhood: Budget Curb Appeal Upgrades

Homeowners like to feel good about their house. They like it when they can impress people with how their home looks. However, it can get expensive to make the appropriate changes. But you don’t always have to spend that much money. There are affordable changes that will boost your house’s curb appeal out there. Here

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