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Zoom Wedding: Your Impromptu Wedding Without Going to Vegas

They say Elvis Presley still lives in Vegas and if you’re lucky you can make him your wedding singer. Of course, that’s not true. But plenty of Elvis impersonators are surely available in the gambling capital of America. What’s true, however, is you can get married pretty quickly in Vegas. As marriage licenses can be

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patties on the grill

Daddy Journal: Pointers for the Perfect Barbecue Picnic

Many countries have experienced on and off lockdowns for almost two years now. And though its negative effects on mental health have always been a part of discussions, the good things that the lockdowns brought out in people aren’t being discussed nearly enough. Take barbecuing, for example. With the UK’s weather, barbecuing really didn’t seem

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woman fixing an air-conditioning unit

House Maintenance: Essential Tasks You Shouldn’t Miss

Finally, purchased the dream house you spent all your time and effort on? Now, after all the hard work you have done, you want to enjoy and relax in the comfort of your own home. Give yourself a pat on the back, as this is a rather significant achievement in life. To have it as

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living room interior

Raising the Bar in Home Living: Changing a Permanent Area

The home is a stable foundation in people’s lives. With everything necessary found inside a house, people often avoid making changes in it. Of course, additional household items and decorations might experience adjustments from time to time. But there will be a few areas and organized spaces that will become permanent for every person. The

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bachelor's pad

How to Design the Perfect Bachelor’s Pad

By definition, a bachelor’s pad is a home for a bachelor. The pad should represent the personality of the man that lives in it. Meaning, the pad needs to showcase his passion and hobbies through the furniture, wall paint, and overall interior. For most people, the place you live in should be able to tell

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child's bedroom

How to Prepare a Nursery Room Before Your Baby’s Arrival

Preparing for a newborn’s arrival is one of the most exciting parts of being a parent. One of the best ways to project your excitement is by preparing and decorating a nursery room. To ensure that your baby has a clean space to stay in after its arrival, you’ll need to sanitize the room, set

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A Beginner’s Guide: How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Men have practiced gardening throughout the ages, but this is more than just a hobby for many. It’s also a way for sustainability and healthier living. Learning how to grow your food can give you numerous health benefits such as eating fresh and more nutritious, staying active, and saving money. One way to do this

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man stacking boxes in warehouse

Proper Logistics Management: Maximizing Your Warehouse

For many businesses that sell goods, storing items and inventory in a safe place until they have to be placed in retail stores or shipped out is integral to business success. For many businesses, emphasizing your logistics can help maximize customer experience and satisfaction. What’s a tried-and-tested way of emphasizing your business’s logistical infrastructure? Establishing

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watching tv

Photosensitive-friendly Room: How Should You Design It?

Sun sensitivity or allergy, or photosensitivity, is the condition upon which a person might experience inflammation of the skin due to certain medications or substances. Another example is photosensitive epilepsy (PSE), a type of epilepsy wherein the person might experience seizures due to various stimuli like flashing lights, moving patterns, and other bold patterns and lighting. These are conditions that

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home interior planning

Reasons Men Should Feel Proud of Loving Interior Design

Society and the media have always categorized different activities and interests as either masculine or feminine. Basketball is masculine, while volleyball is feminine. Yet the WNBA exists, and so does a men’s national volleyball team. The line between masculine and feminine had already blurred in the 20th century. As such, men and women have been swapping

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