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healthy foods for acid reflux

Food that Can Help Address Acid Reflux Issues

Acid reflux isn’t a pleasant feeling: you’ll feel nauseous, bloated, and have an urge to throw up what you’ve eaten last breakfast. Not just that, but it can also take you off work for a day since you won’t be able to concentrate. Almost every day, our stomach is working 24/7 in processing food for

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Outdoor patio

Sustainable Ways to Make Your Home Healthier

Striving for sustainability in the home is a good act in and of itself. But aside from doing your part in protecting the environment and conserving natural resources, you’re also creating a healthier home for yourself and your family. To get you started on your journey towards sustainability and creating a healthier home environment, here

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Working from home

The Three Neglected Body Parts While Working from Home

As a result of the pandemic, millions of companies have embraced remote work. From small businesses to multinational corporations, more people are working from home. While it’s good because it means they get to keep their job at a time when unemployment is at an all-time high, it also presents challenges. It can lead to

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old couple

4 Things that Will Help You Stay Healthy All Your Life

Everyone has the goal to remain active and healthy enough to be able to enjoy retirement. However, you will find that it is only attainable if you make the transition into a healthier lifestyle during your youth. Your habits developed in your youth will dictate what you will look and feel like when you are

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woman with eating disorder

The Telltale Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder

Anorexia Nervosa is a debilitating eating disorder that is characterized by an individual who continues to lose weight or tries to prevent weight gain even though they are in varying degrees of being underweight. An anorexic individual poses a lot of health risks upon themselves because of a distorted perception of self and tying their

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