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How to Switch to An Eco-Friendly Beauty Regimen

As the effects of climate change become more devastating and frequent, it’s high time to start thinking about how much your actions impact the planet. If you want to begin doing your part in saving the environment, a simple place to start would be with your beauty regimen. Makeup packaging accounts for over a third

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Breathe In, Breathe Out: How to Increase Your Lung Capacity

Although technology and industrialization have made our daily lives a lot more convenient, it’s also made the atmosphere incredibly polluted. Pollution brings with it tons of health complications, particularly lung and respiratory issues like asthma and lung cancer. It also compromises your lung capacity. Unfortunately, the need for stronger lungs has never been more necessary

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What Most People Get Wrong About Hangovers

Hangovers are one of those things you regret when you experience nausea, headaches, and excessive thirst in the morning. But it doesn’t stop people from imbibing copious amounts of alcohol the night before. Will power flies out the window, and the hours blur into disjointed memories. You’re nursing a drink on the first hour, showing

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Setting Boundaries: An Essential Act of Self-Care

Boundaries. It has a negative ring to it, don’t you think? We hear the word used in derogatory statements most of the time, like “boundaries please,” or something of the sort. But the negative connotation associated with boundaries should not be the case. In fact, boundaries are healthy and vital for us to live fulfilling and

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Essential Reasons Why You Need to Follow the Art of Conscious Living

Society often imposes high expectations, which makes it difficult for people to live their lives to the fullest. Sometimes, people tend to believe that they are not doing enough. Even hardworking individuals still feel that they lack something because they couldn’t meet other people’s expectations. If you keep living your life while prioritizing other people,

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7 Fat-busting Exercises You Can Do at Home without Equipment

As more Americans are staying home (at the peak of the pandemic in March and April, 9 in 10 Americans sheltered in place), many are going sedentary. With not much else to do at home but watch Netflix or browse the internet, Americans are gaining weight. Aside from doing less physical activity as we try

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The Best Small Business Ideas for Couples

Mixing business with your loved one might seem like a big mistake, but it could just be the thing that brings you closer together. After all, there are tons of couples that prove that the love of your life can be your lifelong business partner too. The following are some interesting small business ideas to

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Surprising Ways You Can Address a Migraine

Are you seeking a quiet and dark corner to rest as you suffer from throbbing pain and nausea for hours on end? Migraines can be a horrible thing to contend with, and they can be some of the most debilitating illnesses despite being always overlooked. Migraine is the third most prevalent illness in the world,

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