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Teen Alcohol and Drug Use: Causes, Signs, & Prevention

In the U.S., substance abuse disorder is common in young adults and can bring long-term risks. Research shows that about two-thirds of 12th graders have tried alcohol, while around half of 9th through 12th-grade students have used marijuana. Among 12th grade students, close to 2 in 10 reported using prescription medicine without a prescription. While substance misuse is

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How Weather and Temperature Affect Your Relationship

Do you know that the color blue, especially in the idiom “feel blue,” always associated with a relaxed or sad mood? On the other side, it is also associated with winter or cold temperatures. Meanwhile, red is the exact opposite of the previous color. Often, it is associated with high spirits or aggressiveness. Red is

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Simple Steps to Create a Healthier Lifestyle

Everybody has specific health goals they wish to achieve within a stipulated time. These goals can vary from getting into a gym membership, starting a business, and quitting habits such as smoking and drinking. These goals are beneficial to your life, and you need to take steps to achieve them. But did you know that

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The Saturday Night with Friends: How It Saves Your Sanity

Humans are naturally social and usually rely on other people to maintain their emotional and mental health. Some of the best individuals that can give you these much-needed health benefits are your friends. Just like how disability benefits can help those in need, inviting your friends to spend quality time together can positively impact your life

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What Is Antibiotics Resistance? Here’s What to Know

At least once in your life, you felt like you needed to go to the doctor to have a probable infection looked at. You set up an appointment with your physician, and you were right—you had an infection. It may be on any part of your body—but it’s completely mundane to get infections. We live

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Five Workout Routines You Should Do with Your Partner

The couple that sweats together stays together, or so that’s how the saying goes. A lot of time we are stumped about where we want to go or what new experiences we are trying to seek. We even search on the internet for the activities we can do with our partners. Try as we might,

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For Better or for Worst: How the Pandemic Impacted Relationships

Humans are naturally social creatures. We need other people to feel loved and enjoy a sense of belongingness. This is the reason why we crave the company of our friends, families, and colleagues. It is also one reason why we get into relationships and why most people tie the knot. But after the pandemic caused

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How Cities Worldwide Prepare for the Effects of Climate Change

It is no longer a question of when: climate change is happening, and its adverse consequences are already being felt all over the world. Scientists have been warning for decades that the planet’s rapid warming will lead to frequent and extreme weather conditions. Most governments and corporations ignored it and continued emitting greenhouse gases, which

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Mindful Munching: Habits That Harm Your Teeth

Your teeth are your best friends. Without them, you couldn’t enjoy life’s greatest pleasure: food. You need to take good care of your teeth to make sure that they stay in good shape for as long as possible. Everyone knows that they need to keep good dental habits to maintain their chompers, but there are

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