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Skin Health: The Most Common Skin Diseases and How to Avoid Them

Skin disease is quite common in the US. Approximately one in three Americans have a skin disease. Some of it is purely from genetics and can happen at any point in your life, while some can gradually develop over time, depending on the person’s lifestyle. It can be quite challenging to treat these diseases. Especially

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Career and Lifestyle Practices That Will Enhance a Dentist’s Well-Being

When you think of stress and burnout in the healthcare industry, physicians and specialists tend to come to mind. Paramedics, nurses, and surgeons, too. But there’s one more healthcare professional that can just be as stressed and burnt out as them: dentists. Dental professionals perceive their industry to be more stressful than other occupations. They

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How to Care for Yourself at 60 Years old

Turning 60 can signify a new beginning in your life. You are closing the chapter where you have been working so hard all your life and opening a new one where you have the freedom to relax and have fun. This change is exciting but can be a bit scary as well. You are now

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Not Getting Proper Sleep? These Natural Means Can Help

When you need to stay fit and healthy, often you would concentrate on proper nutrition, diet, and physical exercises. A very few would bring in sound sleep to this list. It is not easy for everyone to sleep immediately after going to bed. Only a few are blessed with undisturbed sleeping hours. Many people get

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Wastewater Management to Maintain the Country’s Clean Water

Clean water in the country is necessary for the public’s health. Having clean water requires much vigilance, though, because there are many possible sources of pollution. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ineffective management of wastewater in urban, industrial, and agricultural areas results in the contamination or chemical pollution of water affecting hundreds of

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Focusing on Your Overall Wellness While in Quarantine

The coronavirus has changed many things over the course of one year. Many have no choice but to completely change their way of life to adapt to this so-called “new normal.”But if we look on the bright side, we can use this so much time in our hands to improve ourselves and focus on our health and

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Calming Anxiety: Creating an Anxiety-free Home

If you’re always an anxious person, you may be tired of feeling intense nausea, the fear of making a connection, or having a hard tired focusing on getting things done. What sucks is, most people suffering from constant anxiety don’t even have an idea about what triggers it. The good news is, there are actually

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Spring Wellness Pointers for a Healthier Self

As spring finally arrived, it’s time for you to get moving and go back on that healthy living habits you’ve probably lost during winter. This warmer weather certainly gives us more motivation for change — in our health and entire well-being. Whether it’s for your mental wellness, physical health, or social connections, springtime can absolutely

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How Frontliners Are Coping with Burnout amid the Pandemic

Frontline workers have become the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the global health crisis continues to overwhelm hospitals, medical facilities, entire healthcare systems, and other essential facilities, both medical professionals and essential workers are under immense pressure to safeguard people’s lives. With so much going on around us, it isn’t a surprise to see

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