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Married Couples vs. Bills: How to Budget to Avoid Conflict

When you and your spouse didn’t co-habit before tying the knot, chances are you’ve only learned about each other’s money habits after the wedding. This can be both good and bad, depending on what you discovered, and what you do to work out your differences. Sadly, despite the rise of dual-income households, fights about money

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What’s It Like to Move in Together?

You’re staying over your partner’s apartment at least three times a week. You have a toothbrush, pajamas, work clothes, and other toiletries there. That’s when it dawned on you two that you are practically living together. So, why not make it official, right? The moment you decide to move in together, you’re letting go of

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What Should You Discuss Before Moving in with Each Other?

When you and your partner plan to take it to the next level in your relationship, you should sit down and have a long talk. Ironing out the various issues can help ensure that your moving-in experience does not end in disaster. Here are some things that you have to clear up. Reasons You are

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A Workaholic’s Guide to a Successful Romantic Relationship

Passionate and goal-driven individuals often end up developing habits that aid in reaching for their dreams. Most of the time, they become obsessed with work because it provides them a practical solution to improve their finances. They also don’t settle for having a single job. Most of them look for side hustles, and others even

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Relationship Quirks and Misses and How to Deal with Them

During the first month of the relationship, you can’t get enough of spending time with each other. You miss the other person even when they’re sitting right next to you. The thought of breaking up with them kills you. It’s a fairytale; a constant missing and longing. There is almost no end to the infatuation

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How to Give and Receive Love Based on The 5 Love Languages

A common misconception in love and relationships is projecting personal desires on another person. At times, when one person wants to receive something, they give it to another person as a means to communicate what they want. On the flip side, the other person expects their partner to react the same way they react to

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Avoid These Mistakes that Guarantee a Boring Relationship

Hollywood would have you believe that love only consists of big romantic gestures, heartfelt professions on rooftops, and sacrificing everything to be together. While these grand scenes make for good entertainment, relationships in the real world don’t work that way. Often, being a couple is about following through with the commitment to love and support

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Is It Time to Move in with Your Partner?

You’ve dated for years. It’s about time you move in. Those years spent together are indicative of your readiness to share a house with your partner, right? Not exactly. Moving in with a partner is the biggest step you can take in a relationship. It isn’t an easy decision to make. Moving in means sharing

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Dating in pandemic

Dating During the Pandemic: How Can You Get Creative?

With everything that’s happening across the country, almost everyone needs to stay home for their safety. For the dating scene, the pool of venues and options have never been this limited since people are urged not to go out unless it’s essential. Of course, it is possible to date outside the house, but it is

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