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Living the Good Life: Golden Rules to Remember

Everyone may have a different definition of a ‘good life,’ but to improve life, focusing on one principle at a time until you understand each one to a deeper level is the key to succeeding. Don’t wish for your destination to arrive sooner. Instead, forego the journey one step a time. Whatever your definition of

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Top Investments That Young Adults Should Strive For

Being young and living solo have many perks. The seemingly infinite energy and time on your hands allow you to do many things. When it comes to investments, it is better to start while you are young. While you might not be earning your full potential yet, you only have yourself to take care of.

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How to Be a Good Conversationalist on a Date

A conversation is as much a key ingredient to a successful first date as what to wear and where to go. The longer and deeper the conversation, the greater the likelihood of a connection on the second date, and hope for the future. Here are some tips to help you out: 1. Be genuinely interested

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Dating in the New Normal

The pandemic has pushed all the normal activities inside homes. People continue their work and try to grasp at any sense of normalcy by conducting their schedules and tasks regularly. People look to doing any home or self-improvement to prevent being stir-crazy inside during quarantine. Boredom and uncertainty are all that are in people’s minds right now.

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Is Dating Dying Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, our top priority was to stay healthy and safe. We wore face masks and gloves at all times. We doused our hands with sanitisers every few minutes. We obsessively cleaned the house. But there’s one thing that we embraced and practised as much as possible: social distancing. And

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Keeping Up With Relationships By Working on Yourself

If there’s one thing people can learn from Bojack Horseman, it’s the significance of healing. Bojack Horseman, the Netflix Original series, created the most human characters out of animals. In this universe, humans and animal-human hybrids coexist. One of these hybrids is Bojack, a half-man half-horse, struggling with substance abuse. He’s supposed to be the

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Ideas to Help You Save Money on Your Wedding

Weddings are expensive; everybody knows that. An average wedding costs around $20,000 to $50,000, depending on what state you’re living in. But do you really have to spend this much on your wedding? Believe me, when I say that you can still have an amazing wedding without breaking the bank. Here’s how you can save

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S.O. Moving in with You? Here Are Home Changes to Expect

Sharing a home with your significant other is often a big step in any relationship. Moving in together brings about many changes in a relationship, both good and bad. But just like any other significant part of life, we’re willing to take the risk if it means a chance at long-term happiness. Even if you

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The Evolution of Dating

As a millennial, dating can be such a pain. It’s a constant battle with us, jerks, and heartbreak. We had to deal with extreme cases of nerves. We also worry about embarrassing ourselves. But the odd thing is that we keep doing it anyway. Why is that? Well, there’s nothing like the thrill of meeting

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