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Please Start Noticing These Red Flags in Dating!

Love is the greatest thing in the world; it makes us feel warm, fills us with happiness, and makes the world more colorful. And it comes to no surprise that many of us go on our fair share of dates, testing the waters and relationships. We all crave to love and be loved; that’s just

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8 Things You Need for a Personal In-home Salon

Cutting and styling your hair can be a hit-and-miss process if you have little to no experience. However, it can be a potential money-saver, especially if you change your hair frequently. If you want to delve into the art of being your own hairstylist, here are some tools that you need to set up your

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How to Enjoy Your First Date

It can be nerve-racking to go on a first date with a person you like. The conversations on texts will be interesting, but it will require more effort to talk face-to-face. Some people will be excited and start to imagine how the date can go right. However, things will not pan out exactly as you

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Business success

A No-frills Guide for Painting Your Man Cave

At the end of each workday, every man would want to recharge and take things easy in their very own space. Such is a space called the man cave, which is specially designed to suit the interests of men. It could be your video game room, a home theater, your very own workshop, or perhaps

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You Deserve It: Your Guide to Splurging

Being a responsible adult when it comes to money will reward you in the long run. You can safely say that your future is quite secure. Your savings and investments will help you afford a big-ticket purchase eventually. And you have become disciplined. You might have been fighting off your urges and the temptations to

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Married Couples vs. Bills: How to Budget to Avoid Conflict

When you and your spouse didn’t co-habit before tying the knot, chances are you’ve only learned about each other’s money habits after the wedding. This can be both good and bad, depending on what you discovered, and what you do to work out your differences. Sadly, despite the rise of dual-income households, fights about money

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What’s It Like to Move in Together?

You’re staying over your partner’s apartment at least three times a week. You have a toothbrush, pajamas, work clothes, and other toiletries there. That’s when it dawned on you two that you are practically living together. So, why not make it official, right? The moment you decide to move in together, you’re letting go of

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moving in

What Should You Discuss Before Moving in with Each Other?

When you and your partner plan to take it to the next level in your relationship, you should sit down and have a long talk. Ironing out the various issues can help ensure that your moving-in experience does not end in disaster. Here are some things that you have to clear up. Reasons You are

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